The Mooney M-20V Acclaim Ultra

The Acclaim Ultra was designed from the outset to be one of, if not, the best personal transport aircraft on the planet, encompassing all the traits required of a machine that can cover vast tracts of land at speed in one large hop. The performance is on par with the Ovation Ultra (and the competition who, sadly, are only just able to hang onto it’s contrails) until 10000ft. Then the aircraft is peerless in it’s class. There are no certified piston singles available on the market today that will stay with the Acclaim Ultra at any altitude over 10000ft. Period. Available with air conditioning, extended range tanks, extended range supplemental oxygen or full airframe de-ice (certification for flight into known icing conditions included) you’ll arrive at your destination as fresh as a daisy and ready for your work or mission ahead.

Exterior Dimensions

  • Exterior Height: 8 ft 4 in
  • Wing Span: 36 ft 6 in
  • Length: 26 ft 8 in

Operating Weights

  • Max T/O Weight: 3368 Lb
  • Fuel Capacity: 100 Gal.
  • Payload Useful: 980 Lb.
  • Full fuel payload: 380 Lb.


  • Crew: 1
  • Passengers: 3
  • Seats: 4


  • Composite passenger cabin and aluminium empennage cladding over load-bearing chromoly steel space frame, aluminium wings and moving surfaces.
  • Avionics: Garmin G1000 NXi, GFC700 Autopilot.

Mechanical Specs and Speeds

  • Engine: Continental TSIO-550-G/280 hp.
  • Propeller: Hartzell Scimitar, 3-blade, 76” diameter.
  • Max Cruise Speed: 242 kts @ FL250.
  • Stall, Landing Configuration: 56 kts.
  • Maximum Range (standard tanks): 1,100 nm (45-min. reserve).
  • Maximum Range (Optional long-range tanks): 1,275 nm (45-min. reserve).
  • Takeoff/Landing Distance (50-ft. Obstacle): 2,100/2,650 ft.