The new Mooney M-20 Ultra Series of Aircraft

What you get for your money when you own a Mooney:

  • Speed.
  • Economy.
  • Performance.
  • Safety.
  • Proven design.
  • Robust Undercarriage.
  • Extremely strong Chrome-Molybdenum (Chromoly) Steel Roll-cage.
  • Push/Pull rod control surface actuation, because cables are for bicycles.
The question you may be asking yourself is “Don’t all Mooneys since the 1950s have these traits?” The answer is an undeniable yes, but here’s the best bit:

This is what you get when you own the NEW Mooney Ultra:

  • MORE Cabin Access.
  • MORE Cabin Space.
  • MORE Comfort.
  • MORE Speed.
  • MORE Economy.
  • MORE Performance.
  • MORE Technology.
  • MORE Composites instead of Metals.

The new M-20 Ultra series is essentially a tweaked and reworked version of the long body Mooney with structural modifications made only where necessary to accommodate the new design features such as the double doors, modernised window lines, increased interior volume and updated avionics. This process has enabled the new Ultra Mooneys to operate under the same type certificate as their predecessors as well as allowing a faster certification time when compared to certifying a clean-sheet design. For the first time, when designing and specifying the Ultra, Mooney’s designers didn’t appear to focus on all-out speed at the expense of comfort. Instead, they invested their energy into making an already fast aircraft more comfortable without the cost to speed and the result is quite simply spectacular: The lighter weight of the composite cabin combined with the extra seat padding, heavier carpeting and electronic creature comforts for the current crop of iPhone and Android toting pilots has ensured the empty weight of an Ultra Mooney is very similar to the previous generation Acclaims and Ovations. The passive noise attenuation is increased through the better interior materials as well as the new composite cabin skin. The Mooney Ultras compared to the last generation of high performance singles are like your younger cousin; lighter, stronger, more virile – He’s basically better than you in every way, and you’re just not fast enough to catch him when he makes a pass at your wife. Don’t get mad, get even, get an M-20 Ultra. For more information, please select one of the following: Mooney M-20U Ovation Ultra Mooney M-20V Acclaim Ultra